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SPEC strives to create a ‘harbour of lives and opportunities’ for its members and be a dynamic and efficient source of help for professionals, managers, executives, businessmen and the self-employed/ freelancers (PMEBS) to thrive and seek gainful economic activities.


SPEC is a ‘harbour’ where you can stop to refuel, refresh or recharge yourself with the right resources. SPEC always thrives on its motto “A harbour of life and opportunities”

Membership at SPEC is not restricted to just professionals and executives, SPEC is almost for everyone! You may have left your job to take care of your children. Or you may be the director of a company. Whichever the case, SPEC has a place for you – in and out of job. You are eligible if you are

  • Singaporean and Permanent Resident

  • Aged 18 and above

To enroll as a SPEC member, download and complete the Membership Application Form 2020.

Email to Upon notification of membership acceptance, pay a one-time entrance fee of $50 (non-refundable) and purchase a minimum of 50 SPEC shares at $1 per share (refundable on termination after the first year of membership).


SPEC Membership Benefits:

  • Life-time Share Membership (no annual fees)

  • Group Health Insurance and Portable Age Band Medical Inpatient & Outpatient and Personal Accident Insurance at low premium rates

  • Career & Employability Counselling

  • Career Transition Gap Analysis & Professional Development Roadmap

  • Room facilities rental for group meeting, workshops and brainstorming sessions

  • SPEC Community of Learning for networking, collaboration, co-creation, peer support and engagement

Group Health Insurance Protection

To help you ride over unforeseen transitions in your working life, SPEC offers insurance schemes with portable benefits without encouraging a “crutch mentality”. For a very special low and affordable annual premium, SPEC members are eligible for a number of core protection/ insurance programmes, which include Hospitalisation & Surgery Benefits; Clinical/Specialist Outpatient; Group Personal Accident; sum payable upon natural and accidental death. The annual premium payable is kept low and affordable for all members.

Our Group Insurance Protection is suitable for those who are on contractual, part-time and portfolio status; employed; self-employed and those in career transition or not in any employment. Purchased as an individual, it is perfectly portable even when there is change in jobs. As a group, members enjoy savings on premiums and benefits that are comprehensive.

We have 3 comprehensive plans that you can choose from, with renewal up to age 74:

Your Ideas Matter
As a co-operative, we value your ideas. With your participation and contributions, we can implement more innovative programmes that will benefit SPEC members. Please forward your comments and suggestions to

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SPEC Membership Application Form

Notice of SPEC 20th Annual General Meeting

Date: Tuesday, 31 August 2021     |     Time: 6.30pm​​​
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SPEC Activities & Updates

Presentation slides of SPEC webinar "Success & Happiness" by Mr Allen Pathmarajah

Presentation slides of SPEC webinar "Moving from Functional Role to Managing" by Mr Allen Pathmarajah

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