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Professional Development Training Programmes

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing work environment, we need to constantly acquire new knowledge, adaptive skills and attributes. SPEC professional short courses are designed to help PMETs, Self-Employed/Freelancers unleash their potential to maximise career opportunities, stay competitive and relevant in the new workplace or to switch careers.
SPEC aims to support you in life-long learning, to pursue skills mastery and develop fulfilling careers.

To serve the continuing learning needs of adults of all ages, SPEC offers short courses supported by:

National Silver Academy (NSA) -for Singapore Citizens & PRs aged 50 & above (for both self-paying & company-sponsored trainees)

SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) -for Singapore Citizens aged 25 & above*

NTUC-UTAP -for NTUC union members* (Complimentary first 6 months NEW member subscription supported by SPEC)

*Applicable for self-paying trainees only. Refer to below for the funding support of respective courses. T&C applies.

SPEC offers Corporate Group Training Solutions, Customised Training, Blended Learning, Professional Coaching & More. Contact us for corporate rates.

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RMC Management Consulting Course

Offer by SPEC in partnership with the Institute of Management Consultants, Singapore (IMCS)

Learn the basic skills, methodologies and practices of the management consulting profession from leading RMC certified management consultants. This comprehensive 2-day course prepares candidates with the required prerequisites of industry knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to achieving Registered Management Consultant exam and certification. This course is also meant for professionals and managers who wish to gain knowledge in Management Consulting methodologies and practices to improve their diagnostic and analytical skills to enhance their work performance in organisations.

Course Dates: 22 & 23 April 2024

Course Fee: $1400                 

Giving a Presentation

Facilitation Skills Training for PMETs

Offer by SPEC in partnership with Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS)
A customised course to equip PMETs involved in stakeholders’ engagement with facilitation skills to better engage stakeholders effectively and efficiently. Designed based on FNS 4D Facilitation® Model, this 2-day workshop is highly hands-on and interactive, with content based on years of field experiences, grounded on classic and contemporary organisational theories. To build competencies, the training will leverage on adult learners’ characteristics and uses learning strategies that work best for their learning. You will gain competencies and learn tools/techniques in facilitating meetings that can directly be applied at work.

Course Dates: 6 & 7 May 2024

Course Fee: $1200 

Second Career.png

Maximize Your Career Opportunities in Today’s Job Market

Equip you with the know-how to develop key competencies and attitudes required to excel in your job or for change or advance in career. Through blended learning approach, you will use a set of tools and skills to help you develop 10 character competencies known as the "MAXIMIZERS" and be able to evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses and craft a personal develop plan for application and continuous improvement.

Course Dates: TBC 

(Blended Learning / 7 course modules spread over 4 weeks / Total duration: 24 hours)

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $600                                            Age 50 & above - $120


Financial Intelligence for New Business Owners and Non-Financial Executives

By equipping yourself with the basic working knowledge of financial statements and calculations, you will be able to make sound decisions about all aspects of a business. You will learn to read and interpret a few basic financial instruments so that you can recognize opportunities to increase revenue, monitor costs and manage resources. By improving your financial know-how as an employee, you will empower yourself in many ways.

Course Date: 26 March 2024

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $280                                         Age 50 & above - $56

Baker Online Store

Jump Start Your Own Fully Functioning eCommerce Store

This course is ideal for business owners or  individuals who desire to start an eCommerce business. It covers introduction to eCommerce, step by step guide to set up and to operate your e-Store. This hands-on practical workshop will take you from beginner to advance level, regardless of your current skill level, and provide guidance along with other tips that are essential to launch a successful online store.

Course Date: 2 March 2024

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $280                                         Age 50 & above - $56

FB Mktg.png

A Beginners Guide to Facebook (Meta) Marketing & Advertising

Facebook (FB) Marketing helps businesses get more visibility on the giant social network, target greater site traffic as well as be easily found by new customers. Designed to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills in developing a FB marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and review and optimize performance, the course covers latest trends, key concepts, framework & techniques with successful strategies for sales growth.

Course Date: 19 March 2024

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $280                                          Age 50 & above - $56


Financial Competence for Modern Singaporeans

Learn the fundamentals of financial literacy and how personal finance techniques can help you achieve milestones in life. Find out what are the various asset types and their values in which you can apply to design your own asset portfolio. Improve your money management and asset building skills within the Singapore lifestyle framework through fun and interactive Gamified Learning using the Asset Finesse Board Game. Skills acquired may help seniors expand into freelance work or be involved in volunteering activities.

Course Date: 15 March 2024

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $280                                         Age 50 & above - $56


Auditing for Non-Auditors

This course is helpful for new business owners and executives who wish to acquire essential knowledge of professional auditing as well as benefit individuals/career-switchers who plan to pivot into a career in professional auditing.
It defines an audit, explains differences between types of audits and reviews why the process is critically important. You learn about corporate governance, internal control, audit processes, risk management; and understand the purpose of audit, types of activities to carry out in line with international standards and importance of well-managed audit units.

Course Dates: TBC

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $530                                          Age 50 & above - $106

Wealth Mgnt.png

Wealth Management: The Funds Investment Dominator Program

Learn the rules of the money game to achieve your financial goals and secure your retirement needs. Choosing the right instruments that provide the best returns will make all the difference. This course aims to help you increase your wealth knowledge, particularly in the asset class known as Mutual Funds. This will allow you to be confident in knowing what you will be investing or have invested. 

Course Date: 8 March 2024

Course Fee: Below Age 50 - $280                                             Age 50 & above - $56

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Delivering Impactful Presentations

Presentations skills and public speaking skills are useful in many aspects of our work and social life. Presenters who can speak convincingly with credibility and wit, will create tremendous rapport and goodwill with their audience. Effective presentations and public speaking are important in business, sales and marketing, training, teaching, lecturing, and even entertaining an audience. Developing the confidence and capability to give good presentations and stand up in front of an audience and speak well are extremely helpful competencies for self-development too.

Course Date: 21 March 2024

Course Fees: Below Age 50  -  $280
                        Age 50 & above - $56

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Harness the Power of Storytelling to Lead and Influence

How good are you at articulating the story of your life to connect with others? How well can you tell the story of your company, of the people you lead so that they feel valued? Learn how to generate powerful stories from your own lives and observations from everyday lives to powerfully influence people that you lead or to present your products/services to clients in a compelling manner. The skills acquired will enable seniors to improve social interactions, and may help improve work performance for working seniors.

Course Date: 14 March 2024

Course Fees: Below Age 50  -  $280
                        Age 50 & above - $56

Legal Research and Writing

Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills

Designed to equip you with a structured and concise approach to business writing. Through active learning activities, input sessions, discussions and practices, you will acquire skills to write different types of documents such as memos, email messages, letters, reports, proposals, agendas and meeting minutes, policy statements and articles in an effective and professional manner to achieve intended outcomes. The skills acquired may help improve work performance for working seniors as well as help seniors expand into freelance work or be involved in volunteering activities.

Course Date: TBC

Course Fees: Below Age 50  -  $280
                        Age 50 & above - $56

Happy Cafe Workers

Practical Approaches to Conflict Resolution

Learn how you can take control of conflict by creating a positive environment in which conflict can be dealt with maturely and collaboratively. You will be able to distinguish between behaviours that are detrimental to conflict resolution and those that are helpful in conflict resolution. Acquire this necessary life skill as part of personal development to help yourself and others to approach conflict in a more practical and productive way, in both work and non-work situations. 

Course Date:  TBC

Course Fee: $280


Harness the Power of Active Listening

Listening is the foundation of communication and a critical skill needed in the workplace and business environment. How well you listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness, and on the quality of your relationships with others. Improve your listening skills by knowing how to discern hidden messages, kick distracted tendencies, listen in emotional situations or groups, and increase information flow to enhance productivity. As a result, you will be able to receive messages clearly, build good rapport with others, avoid mistakes due to miscommunication, and create more positive work environment.

Course Date: 7 March 2024

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $280
                      Age 50 & above - $56

In Negotiation_edited.jpg

Master the Art of Influencing and Negotiating

Designed to help you overcome negotiating anxieties and wield confidence, control and power in negotiation. Learn how to recognize underlying interests, identify your real needs, listen to build a relationship, and how to maintain your composure. Enhance your ability to get effective results out of negotiations whilst maintain good relationships with stakeholders. Skills acquired will enable seniors to improve social interactions, and may help improve work performance for working seniors.

Course Date: 18 March 2024

Course Fee: Below Age 50 - $280
                      Age 50 & above - $56


Protect Your Personal Data; Protect Yourself from Scams

Learn how you can remain connected and enjoy the benefits of technology while staying safe online and be aware of scams. You will discover the trends of the digital world together with the threats that come along with technological progress. Apart from awareness of some common threats, you will be well-informed of your personal rights under the Personal Data Protection Act of Singapore and find out the best practices and methods that will protect your personal data and prevent self from being a prey. 

Course Date: TBC

Course Fee: $280


Strategic Career Planning, by Choice and Not by Chance

Learn how to assess your own capabilities and seek employment opportunities by having a planned approach to fulfil your aspirations. This course enables you with a roadmap to chart your career planning and development instead of leaving it to chance or circumstance. It will benefit new entrants to the workforce as well as those already in employment who wish to enhance their career development. Seniors can acquire these skills to better plan their career move, expand into freelance work or be involved in volunteering activities. 

Course Date: TBC

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $280
                      Age 50 & above - $56


Logical and Creative Decision Making

Learn how to seek creative alternatives to increase chances of a “Right Decision”. Designed to help you understand the components of logical thinking and how to avoid blocks to logical thinking. Help to increase your ability to make decisions confidently by thinking more creatively and independently, make better decisions by problem solving systematically, identify the value of ideas and reach well-reasoned conclusions when making decisions in various work and non-work situations. Acquiring these skills will enable seniors to have better quality of life and enhance their social interactions.

Course Date: 18 January 2024

Course Fee: Below Age 50  -  $280
                      Age 50 & above - $56

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NEW Short Courses

SPEC mission is to enhance employment and employability of PMETs and freelancers. We aim to support you in life-long learning, to pursue skills mastery and develop fulfilling careers.

Check back here for regular updates and new courses

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Training Support for SPEC Members

Join as a SPEC member to get up to total $88 rebates in course fees when you participate in SPEC professional skills development training courses in 2023. 

Sign up for SPEC life-long membership with only $100 for one-time $50 entrance fee and minimum 50 shares of $1.00 per share.

Online Class

Recruiting Freelance Trainers...

SPEC is recruiting freelance trainers with a wide range of knowledge, sector experience, and creative and engaging facilitation skills to partner us in the delivery of innovative training courses and workshops. If you are a highly-motivated practitioner and/or experienced professional keen to use your  expertise and experience in curating work-skills oriented and life-skills related courses for our workforce and general public, we like to hear from you.

Email your CV to

Information is correct at time of publication. SPEC reserves the right to amend any information whenever necessary. e-Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who attained at least 75% class attendance. Applications for course fee subsidy are subject to approval of the respective agencies. All T&Cs apply.

About National Silver Academy (NSA) 
NSA is a network of post-secondary education institutions and community-based organisations that offer learning opportunities for seniors with short courses covering both life-skills as well as work-skills. Seniors (both Singaporeans and PRs) aged 50 years & above can attend short courses without the need to sit for exam. For courses run by community-based organisations, the final fee payable by seniors takes into account the support given by the government to community-based organisations to develop and offer the short courses. SkillsFuture Credit can be used on top of existing government course subsidies to pay for approved skills-related courses under the NSA. 

What is SkillsFuture Credit (SFC)

SFC is intended to encourage individuals to take ownership of their skills development and lifelong learning. Since 2016, all Singaporeans aged 25 & above will receive an opening credit of S$500. A one-off SFC top-up of $500 is provided to every Singapore Citizen aged 25 years & above as at 31 December 2020 which can be used for all SFC-eligible courses. You can check your available amount of SFC via using your Singpass.

What Is Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)

UTAP is a training benefit to encourage NTUC union members to go for skills upgrading by defraying their cost of training. NTUC members who initiate training on their own, enjoy 50% *unfunded course fee support (refers to balance course fee payable after applicable govt subsidy), capped at $500 per year for aged 40 & above, and $250 per year for below age 40, for courses attended before 31 Dec 2025. Please visit e2i’s website to find out more. For SPEC support of UTAP funding, please sign up for NTUC union membership through this weblink: (prevailing T&Cs apply)

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