UPSKILL and RESKILL with SPEC Short Courses - Future Workplace Series

SPEC offers skills-related short courses  for PMETs, Self-Employed/ Freelancers to enhance their employability and competitiveness in today's disruptive work environment. We aim to support you in life-long learning, pursue skills mastery and develop fulfilling careers. Our workshops are facilitated by subject matter experts with vast industry expertise and experience.

CLICK HERE for National Silver Academy supported courses with subsidy for Singaporeans and PRs age 50 & above | SkillsFuture Credit eligible | UTAP funding support for NTUC union members. 

SKILLSFUTURE CREDIT (SFC) is intended to encourage individuals to take ownership of their skills development and lifelong learning. Since 2016, all Singaporeans aged 25 & above receive an opening credit of S$500. A one-off SFC top-up of $500 is given to every Singapore Citizen aged 25 years & above as at 31 Dec 2020 which can be used for all SFC-eligible courses. You can use your Singpass to check your available SFC via


NTUC members who initiate training on their own for courses supported under UNION TRAINING ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME (UTAP), can claim UTAP funding support to get up to 50% unfunded course fee paid, capped at $500 per calendar year for aged 40 & above, and $250 per calendar year for below age 40. For more details, please visit e2i’s website.

Join our Future Workplace Series of short courses, eligible for SkillsFuture Credit and NTUC-UTAP support:


RMC Management Consulting Course

Offer in partnership with Institute of Management Consultants, Singapore (IMCS)

Equips you with the knowledge and skills in Professional Management Consulting methodologies and practices, relevant to achieve Registered Management Consultant (RMC) exam and certification. Helpful for PMEs who want to improve their diagnostic and analytical skills to enhance work performance in organisations.

Course Dates: 31 May, 1 & 2 Jun 2021 (3 days)

Course Fee: $2000                                 
($250.00 One-time RMC Exam Fee will be waived)

Team Meeting

The Certified Facilitator

​- Based on R&A Serfi 369 © System
Offer in partnership with STADA (Singapore Training & Development Association) 

A unique certification program that handholds you from a novice/aspiring trainer through a 5-level certification process. This Level 1 certification course provides a comprehensive coverage using a variety of concepts and techniques, along with a fully ready-to-use starter-kit and post course consultation with a industry mentor.

Course Dates: 10 to 12 June 2021 (3 days)

Course Fee: $1500

Team Meeting

Attitude is Everything® (AIE)

Offer in partnership with Leadership Management International Singapore

Designed to develop individual full potential by cultivating the necessary mindset, attitude and habit that can be applied in workplace for excellence performance. Helps individuals to be self-motivated, self-belief and develop positive expectancy in themselves so as to achieve the highest level of personal performance.

Course Dates: from 7 to 25 June 2021 (4 days)

Course Fee: $2000


Learn how to tighten up your cyber security measures at home or at work by applying good practices in the use of commonly used devices and apps to ensure one is cyber-safe.

Course Date: 24 June 2021

Course Fee: $210


Designed to equip you with the practical knowledge and skills to be self-reliant and better able to manoeuvre well in the digital economy as an independent professional armed with apps as tools rather than burden.

Course Date: 10 May 2021

Course Fee: $210


Rational Approach to Self-managing Emotions

Helps you to recognise and understand your own emotions and explains why they are sometimes so strong. You will learn how to manage your own emotions so that you can use and harness them but are not governed entirely by them.

Course Date: 4 June 2021

Course Fee: $210

Job Redesign.JPG

Job Design & Re-Design for SMEs

Learn to enhance employee efficiency through job design or re-design to achieve higher productivity in an ever-changing diversified workforce.

Course Date: 29 June 2021

Course Fee: $210

Coworkers plan work

Essential Workforce Planning Strategies for SMEs

Learn to align the needs and priorities of the organization with those of its workforce to ensure it can efficiently support the organisation’s business growth and meet organizational objectives.

Course Date: 25 June 2021

Course Fee: $210

Monitoring Room

Fundamentals of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Understand and interpret the Integrated Management Systems to effectively support its implementation in the workplace.

Course Date: 26 June 2021

Course Fee: $210

Information is correct at the time of publication. SPEC reserves the right to amend any information whenever necessary. Certificate of Completion will be awarded to course participants who attained at least 75% course attendance. Applications for course funding/subsidy are subject to approval of the respective agencies.

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